Thursday, November 8, 2012

Dior Amazonia Swatch and Review

Today I found a food court in a mall that was actually decent.  There was a family room complete with changing tables, nursing rooms, and a play area to keep the kids busy.  Food-wise, aside from the standard mall fare, there was a great international selection of stalls ranging from sushi, mongolian stir-fry, korean fried chicken, to vietnamese banh mis.  I've been wanting to try the korean fried chicken after hearing raves about it for years, and this finally was my opportunity - in a mall no less!  I ordered the garlic soy wings and boy, were they yummy!  I'm looking forward to going back - there's an Ulta there so I've always got an excuse to go.

Today I have an easy mani for you, it's Dior Amazonia, a luscious dark khaki green cream.  I haven't used Dior in awhile and I forgot how wide their brushes are.  I know people love the brushes but I always have a little difficulty with them and make clumsy brush strokes(as you can see here in the pics, pardon my cleanup).  The OPI brushes are smaller and probably my favorite of all the brushes out there.  I wish brushes that wide were standard!  Anyway, back to Amazonia.  I find it aptly named because it does remind me of a green jungle at night.  Greens like these are my favorite colors and I can never resist them.  I found the polish to be a dream to apply, as it was perfect at two coats and self leveling.  It dries to a high shine on its own but I used a layer of Poshe to speed up the drying.

Dior Amazonia

Dior Amazonia

Dior Amazonia

I have to resist layering on this color since it's a Dior... It's almost sacrilege to layer on a Dior IMO.  Thanks for looking!

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