Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hare Polish Bury the Hatchetfish Swatch and Review

Here's another Hare Polish that I managed to snag from the last restock, Bury the Hatchetfish from the Illuminated collection.  I was drawn to this one because of the light shade and the iridescent glow that seem to radiate from within the polish.  I think the name of this is very clever, by combining two phrases/words together and creating a polish to mimic the coloring of a hatchetfish.  If you haven't seen a hatchetfish I recommend googling it.  I'm not going to post a photo of it here because it's just that ugly - it's unfortunate because the coloring is actually pretty.  I guess you could say it's Pretty Ugly.  Bury the Hatchetfish is a nude jelly base with transparent iridescent pink and purple glitter.  It's really extraordinary, just like her other polishes.  The only downfall I found in application was that I needed four coats for opacity, which is a first for me when it comes to Hare polishes.  I would recommend using a basecoat for this, such as Sally Hansen's Commander in Chic. It dried a bit gritty so I used a layer of Gelous followed by Poshe for shine.
Hare Bury the Hatchetfish indoor lighting
Hare Bury the Hatchetfish indoor lighting

Hare Bury the Hatchetfish indoor lighting
Hare Bury the Hatchetfish outdoor (cloudy)

Do you think it looks like the color of a Hatchetfish? 

I also have Medusa Luminosa from the same collection posted, please check it out and let me know what you think.

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    1. Hi! No, it wasn't thick at all, it just needed more coats than usual for Hares in general.

  2. This color looks amazing on you.