Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Walgreens Friends And Family Haul and Super Walgreens Review

No swatch post tonight - instead I've decided to post my haul from today's Walgreen's Friends and Family sale.  It was a one day sale that allowed 15% off all items, including sale items.  Normally I wouldn't rush out for this sale, but it coincides with the Sinful Colors 2 for $3 dollar deal plus 500 points(which is $1 value).  I'd been meaning to check out the new super Walgreens on the corner of Vine and Sunset, so this was the perfect opportunity.  From what I understand, there are only a few Walgreens in the country that have a super set-up, and that includes boutique cosmetics by brands such as The Balm, Pop, and Cargo, as well as an extended deli, sushi bar, froyo, and wines/liquor.  I've been to the super Duane Reade's in NYC but never thought the concept would extend to the west coast.  Imagine my excitement when this Walgreens opened up last fall.

On to the pics!  Here are some pics of the boutique nail lacquer displays.

Room view

GOSH Cosmetics

GOSH Nail lacquer closeup

Pop Beauty
The Balm
 I just realized that I should have taken some pics of the deli and froyo section, but aside from it being fairly large and uncommon inside a Walgreens, it wasn't anything special and bordered on being a slight upgrade from a 7-Eleven.

Of note, I was particularly excited about the GOSH cosmetics but after seeing the colors in the display, I was really underwhelmed by the colors.  Most were dupe-able creams, and although there were a few LEs, those looked dupe-able as well.  The only stand-out was Galaxy but I already own that.  I ended up getting only one GOSH LE shade in a dark wine color, a shade that I think is under represented in my collection.

I was pleased to see four Sinful Colors displays, but then realized that they all had similar colors in the same display.  I only purchased four Sinful Colors and then used two $1 off coupons to purchase two L'Oreal polishes that were buy 1 get 1 half off.  With my bottle of GOSH, priced at $7.50, and a Herbal Essence Shampoo marked down to $2.20, I paid about $22 all together.

Here's a pic of my haul, sorry for the blurriness!  There's a bottle missing too.  Oops.  I guess it'll help build suspense for future posts!

My blurry pic of tonight's haul
Overall, it was an interesting visit to the super Walgreens but I'll probably never go back, unless GOSH releases some uber cool LEs.  I'll stick to going to the two regular Walgreens just a few blocks away from my house.  Oh, and don't try the froyo.  It's terrible!

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