Sunday, March 31, 2013

A Quick Comparison of OPI Thanks a Windmillion and YSL Jade Imperial

Good evening dears, I have a request to compare OPI Thanks A Windmillion and YSL Jade Imperial.  They're both pretty jade creams but there's quite a price difference between the two.

Formula is very similar for both, each could be nearly a one coater but two coats provide even coverage.  The brushes are both wide and there's no pooling or streaking for either.  Both dry to a high shine on their own.  

Colorwise, there's definitely a visible difference.  The YSL appears a touch darker and greener whereas the OPI is lighter and leans slightly blue.  Do you need both?  Probably not.  Personally I like the greener shade of the YSL and will most likely keep that one in my collection.  However, if I didn't have the YSL already, I think I would be just as happy with OPI Thanks A Windmillion

Thanks for the question The Ramblings Of A Maniac!


  1. Awww ^^ Thank you very much for this! That's very kind of you. I agree with you, although I love YSL I think I will purchase Bronze Pyrite and, instead of getting Jade Imperial, I will stay with OPI, which I also love :) Have a lovely Easter, take care**** Sonia

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